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Service Concept

Service Concept


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Service peers: close to the voices of users and exceed user satisfaction

Service mode:
Active service: Before the user needs service, think about what the user thinks, and meet the user's service expectations, such as user's pre-sales technical guidance, in-sale use training, after-sales to pre-use intensive training, regular training after use, and after-sales User return visits, etc.

Full service: Based on the operation value chain, the service concept is integrated into R&D, manufacturing, sales and service departments. Each employee of the company is a service unit. Through the coordinated linkage mechanism that complements each other in the value chain, the "internal service chain" and the "external service chain" are closely integrated to achieve true full-service services.

Differentiated services: subdivide group users, individual users, experimental users, new product users and centralized operation services and scattered operation services, carefully design targeted marketing service plans, allocate resources according to user value differentiation, establish service comparative advantages, and continuously introduce Short-term products adapted to user needs, providing users with tailor-made services.

Efficient service: Based on customer relationship management, improve marketing channels, optimize service procedures, improve support methods, and meet customer needs with efficient services.

High-quality service: Pay attention to service team building and service skills training, improve customer service quality, and move users with friendly and meticulous service. Endless service, beyond customer satisfaction.

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