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“JOTEC” was named according to the meaning of “people live in a prosperous and harmonious world at peace”. The logo fully reflects the verve of “round sky & square earth and cover everything”. The perfect combination of dynamic logos and brands shows JOTEC’s spirit and resolution of pursuing a wonderful life.


Chinese connotation: The Chinese name of “九方泰禾 (JOTEC)” integrates Chinese classical elements. The Chinese characters are created for record. “It starts from one and ends with nine which all stands for things.” — Shuowen Tongxun Dingsheng; “Nine is the summit of yang and creed of TAOISM” — Chuci Jiubian; Nine stands for the neverending cycle of nature — Yi Wenyan. “久 (Jiu)” is the partial tone of “九” (nine or Jiu). Therefore, “九” also mean “forever”. “九方 (JO)” stands for China and also the world. It reflects the spirit of broad, profound and philanthropic. “泰 (Tai)” means quietness — Zihui; “泰 (Tai)” means bigness — Yi Taigua. “泰禾 (TEC)” means that people live in a prosperous and harmonious world at peace. “九方泰禾 (JOTEC)” represents the common pursuit of a wonderful life.


English connotation: The English name — JOTEC uses the etymon of “technology”. “JO (九, Jiu)”, the partial tone of “久(Jiu)”, conveys the ceaseless technological innovation.


Dynamic logo: Yangxiong in the western Han dynasty said “圆则杌棿,方为吝啬 (Yuan Ze Wu Ni, Fang Wei Lin Se)” in Taixuan Xuanchi. “圆 (Yuan)” stands for sky; “杌棿 (Wuni)” means continuous motion; “方 (Fang)” stands for earth; “吝啬 (Linse)” means stillness. Round sky creates motion and changes, while square earth is still. Song Dunyi in the northern Song dynasty said “动极而静,静而生阴,静极复动 ( Dong Ji Er Jing, Jing Er Sheng Yin, Jing Ji Fu Dong)” in Taijitu Shuo. The pursuit of development creates a successful career and a progressive society. Harmony and stability can bring a happy life and peaceful coexistence.


The logo is designed based on the concept of “round sky & square earth” in Chinese traditional culture. “Harmony between man and nature” in the Chinese traditional culture emphasizes that man should learn from nature, also shows the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. This element reflects people’s perfectionism and entrepreneurial spirit of “continuous life, follows natural principles, admires and requests nature, and harmony with nature”. The principle of “round sky & square earth” is a special explanation of the world outlook. The square in the center of the logo stands for the earth and reflects JOTEC’s strength in using construction & agricultural machinery to reconstruct the earth and change the world. The surrounding leaves stands for grain seedling and the strong vitality. The round surrounded by leaves stands for sky and reflects great ambition. The dynamic spiral leaves stand for the spirit of “leading the trend of the times” of the enterprise. The logo shows great power, with integration of motion and stillness, rigidity and softness. It is dynamic but not fuzzy.


Color Perception: The brand takes green as a main color. Green brings a harmonious feeling. Green stands for “vitality” and “sustainable development” and reflects the ambition of “make a great achievement based on green science & technology.”

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